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Hello, I'm Destinee. And, I'm excited you're here. 

But seriously, I'm really stoked you're here. Isn't it something that one day you blink and you've reached a point in your life that surely you never dreamed of? It's like one day you wake up and you have hit that sweet spot in life. The pinch me I can't believe this is where I'm at spot. 

That's me. That is exactly where I have found myself. Simply put- I love my business and all of the beautiful, magical moments I've been able to be a part of. 

I am blessed that my clients, and their families, welcome me to be a part of one of the biggest occasions of their lives. I get to witness the tender moments alongside them and wipe away my own tears at the palpable love in the room. 

I love all that there is about planning and designing events and I can't wait to share my expertise and passion with you for your own event! 

Our Story

In 2017, I found myself at a crossroads. I was a new mom to two adorable twin boys and a wife to the most incredible husband. I was working in public health in Central Wisconsin three days a week and basically working to send my sweet babies to daycare. It wasn't an easy decision but I decided to give up my career and we moved our family to the La Crosse area. After about 6 months of being a full-time stay at home mom I knew I needed something that was my own. 


At around the same time my husband and I attended a wedding. At this wedding the ceiling was draped and there was this huge wagon wheel chandelier in the middle with edison bulbs. It was awesome and totally transformed the room. While chatting with people at the wedding we found out that it was actually done by a couple of women looking to get rid of their inventory and move on from decorating weddings.  Instantly my wheels started spinning.

I was always the friend or cousin asked to assist in planning and putting together parties but until that day it hadn't crossed my mind that it could be a career for me. Long story short we ended up buying all of the inventory and taking over a few weddings they had already booked for the following year. 

For the first couple of years we worked on whatever our couples needed us to do. I climbed so many ladders to hang lights, draping and chandeliers. I placed centerpieces and built backdrops. And, I quickly started moving into coordinating the events that I was booked to decorate at. It was through coordinating the weddings that I learned my love for collaborating with clients to design and plan every aspect of their event.


Now 5 years later with 175 weddings and 2 additional children under my belt, I can confidently say that I know the scope of my business. While we still offer the same services that we did in the beginning we just do it in a different way. 

What makes us stand out?

Making a decision to hire a planner and designer can be nerve-wrecking. With many different options it can be hard to know who to go with. When you make the decision to hire me as your planner and designer, I will go above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience. I promise to make the process fun and stress-free. 

I know that my passion for my work, warm personality, upbeat demeanor and creative mind are all assets when it comes to planning events. I am a collaborative extrovert that has the ability to stay calm and decisive under pressure. 

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