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Mobile Bar Rentals

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I am so proud to share with you our mobile bar services. After many weddings with big beer trucks plastered with brand logos I looked at my husband and told him that we had to offer something more. I wanted to find a way to have a bar that could be rented that was functional and aesthetically pleasing. While taking care of one of our babies in the middle of the night I stumbled across an old run down canned ham trailer. I could tell she had good bones but needed some TLC. I woke up my husband and told him that he would be taking off of work so that we could make the trek to Madison to rescue this old trailer from just sitting a rotting. 

To my surprise, but not my husbands, she would need much more work than anticipated. My husband started renovation and tore everything down to the trailer and then built it back up again. Now Gertie is a bar with stylish wheels that can greet your guests anywhere. Gertie is the perfect statement piece. Her vintage vibe, soft colors, handcrafted bar and wood doors, and baby moon tires will give your guests something to talk about. 

Equipped with two full-sized kegerators, a large ice bin, bar tools and backbar storage, you can create a unique experience for any event! 

Gretchen is a 1949 Chevy pickup truck that has been outfitted with a self-serve beer tap wall. Painted a rich dark green and accented with shiny chrome, Gretchen is a piece of American history that you can wow your guests with at your event. 

Equipped with two full-sized kegerators, let us drive her in, set her up and you can enjoy a cold beverage!

2 full-sized kegerators
Simple and pretty interior.
Great for outdoor weddings!
Gertie at an event.
Fun photo ops.
Dress her up!

Do you provide the alcohol?

Wisconsin laws do not allow us to have a liquor license. This allows you to purchase the alcohol yourself. Seem overwhelming? Don't worry we can help you through the purchasing process. 

Do you provide the bartending service?

You are able to hire your own licensed bartender for your event. Not sure where to start? We have worked with many different bartenders and can recommend one that has personally served from Gertie. 

Can Gertie and Gretchen be used at a venue that has its own liquor license?

Yes! We have worked with venues to provide another bar area at the reception site. To make this process smoother we will reach out to them to determine the best placement.

Can we book your design services and mobile bar services?

Absolutely! When our clients choose more than one of our services we do try to offer them savings. 

How far do you travel?

Gertie can travel wherever your event is held. Gretchen will need to stay within 60 miles from her home base (she still has her original motor). We do charge a delivery fee based on mileage.


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