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Becoming a mom five and a half years ago wasn't something that I thought was going to happen. Shortly after Reed and I were married we found ourselves going through infertility treatments. Looking back now, we can laugh at all of the crazy emotions and treatments we tried! But, it wasn't too long ago that I thought I'd never be here- four beautiful babies later!

Something you should know about me, I am first a mother. My family and my children are everything to me. Their happiness and their care comes first. I am the primary care giver for these wild boys and I wouldn't have it any other way. Before starting my business four years ago, I struggled with the idea of giving myself something in addition to motherhood.

Reed and I had decided that I would stay home and care for the twins. At the time, we had just moved to La Crosse from Stevens Point and daycare was outrageous. I felt so blessed that we could make this decision but I quickly felt like I was losing my identity. I needed something for me. Something fun. Something that I could do in the in-between times of changing diapers, drying tears and playing trains. I knew that going back to the traditional office setting wasn't something that I wanted.

It was at a wedding that I got the idea to begin a decorating business. There I was, a little tipsy, mom's night out and there was this beautiful chandelier. Before the night was over, I started talking to the ladies who owned the chandelier. Turns out that they came in and decorated the place! And, they were interested in getting out of the business and selling their inventory. For a few weeks Reed and I went back and fourth about the possibilities and benefits of buying their decor and starting the business.

Obviously in the end we made the decision! This decision catapulted us forward into the wedding industry-- we were busy! Looking back, there are some business decision that I would have made differently- a post to come on that later.

I promise that by hiring me that you will not have to worry about me showing up and getting the work done. I do ask that you are patient. Patient with the possible interruptions. It isn't uncommon for a child to bust into my office and give me a squeeze. Or, a child to bust in a bare his naked bottom to the clients in a zoom meeting!

I am so grateful to be here. To get the awesome clients that I do! When you hire me, you get all of me. You will get a glimpse into my life and my sweet family! I promise to always do the right thing. And, above all, I know that when you hire me that you will love your event.


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